Referral Source Program Description


1.     Services
SlickText’s subscription Services set forth on

2.     Referred Customers
‎"Referred Customers" will mean any person Referral Source 1) refers to SlickText via the mechanism defined ‎by SlickText in this RSD, such as a unique URL, link or promotional code provided by SlickText 2) that meets the following criteria: the person (i) does not ‎have an ‎existing or any prior existing account with SlickText and (ii) completes the Committed ‎Action ‎set forth in this RSD.  The ‎Referred Customer must be ‎physically located in a U.S. state in which SlickText operates and must ‎comply with the Terms of Use in all respects.‎

“Committed Action” means that the Referred Customer signs up for a SlickText account via a referral link or promotional code provided by SlickText. 

3.     Marks
Referral Source may use the Marks set forth on the

4.     Referral Requirements
‎Each Referral Source must comply with the Referral Source Agreement and the Privacy ‎Notice Policy.‎ 

Referral Source may ‎only refer the number of Referred Customers set forth below.

SlickText will assign a Referral Source Success Manager if the above Referral Source refers more than $5,000US  in active monthly subscription sales from Referred Customer.  

5.   Commissions
SlickText will only pay a Commission if a Referred Customers signs up with the Referral Source’s referral link provided by SlickText or a promotional code provided by SlickText.  The Referred Customer must sign up for a SlickText account using the link or promotional code provided by SlickText to Referral Source and then provided to the Referred Customer within 180 days of being provided it by Referral Source. 

Subject to Section 3(a) of the Referral Source Agreement, a Commission of 20% of eligible fees paid by each Referred Customer.

Commissions are paid only subscriptions fees paid by Referred Customer to SlickText.  Commissions are paid for up to 12 months, starting the first month of the plan.  Commissions are only paid if the Referred Customer is a paying SlickText customer.  For clarity, SlickText does not pay Commissions on bulk buys, or any professional fees, sending number fees, carrier fees, or add-on products, etc. or if the Referred Customer’s agreement with SlickText is terminated for any reason. SlickText will only pay Commissions based on whatever the Referred Customer pays to SlickText in a given calendar month for the Referred Customer’s subscription plan.

Commission amounts may be reduced if the Referred Customer is on a custom plan that is discounted or in the case of a windfall, as determined by SlickText.